Unrivalled (God is Eternal) – (p4)

Unrivalled – God is eternal

Revelation 1:8

God is unlimited by time, he determines time’s beginning and end.

Ecclesiastes 3:1

Ecclesiastes 3:11

God does not operate to our timelines and it’s not a problem of God’s timing but our perception of God’s timing.

Isaiah 55:8-9

Ephesians 5:15-17

How do we live and make the most of today?

  • Three ways to live in the present:
  1. Let go of the past:
    • Sinful nostalgia – we idolise a time when life was simpler. There’s a difference between missing the past and idolising the past. We can combat this with gratitude for all that God’s done.
    • Regret – we dwell on past mistakes and past hurts. We can deal with this by looking to Jesus, the one who has broken the chains of sin, we don’t need to live in the shadows of our past but live through our past into what God has for us.
  2. Let go of the future
    • Sinful anticipation – constantly anticipating the next stage of your life. It’s good to look forward but not so much that it removes you from the present. Again we can deal with this with gratitude.
    • Anxiety – fear and uncertainty about what could happen. Jesus tells us not to be anxious about tomorrow but to live in the grace and freedom of the present
  3. Live today fully
    • Not lazy – we can keep thinking there’s loads of time ahead and not make the most of today.
    • Not over busy – over-committed and there’s never enough time. Need to learn to have days off and let things go.
    • We can’t understand the intricacies of God’s timing but we can live in the present.
  • Live knowing each day is a gift:
    • Psalm 90:1-4
    • Psalm 90:12
    • There is a wisdom in numbering and counting our days, living as if every day is a gift and it’s not deserved.
    • We’ll live differently if we see the future as a gift.
  • Live to invest in what has eternal significance:
    • This side of heaven what’s eternally significant? It’s people.
    • Whatever stage of life we’re in, our calling is to impact the lives of others.