The Power of the Cross – The Blood (p1)

The Cross is the symbol of Christianity ​

(1 Peter 1v18-19)​ /

  • ‘Most wretched of all deaths’ ​
  • Prolonged & drawn-out agonizing death ​
  • It is the most horrific form of execution known to man​
  • ‘excruciating’ means ‘from the cross…’​
  • Public spectacle to the world

Jesus is our New Covenant Sacrifice​

Jesus our New Covenant Sacrifice​

  • The theme of blood fulfilled in Jesus​
  • John ‘Behold, the Lamb of God, who takes​
  • away the sin of the world!’ (John 1v29)​
  • The last Supper – Matt 26v26-28​
  • Crucifixion – a ‘bloody mess’

By his blood….​

  • Made right with God (Romans 3v24-5)​
  • Cleansed/made clean (1 John 1v7)​
  • Set Free (Revelation 1v5)​

All mankind has a choice – Jesus blood or your blood?

(Revelation 14v19-20)​ / (Hebrews 10v12-14)​

Live in the Power of the cross​