The Christmas I Never Knew

Tough and not easy

  • The media often gives us a picture perfect view of Christmas, but the reality is that for many of us Christmas is a really tough time of the year.
  • Christmas has never been easy, when Jesus came it was a dark time in the world and Jesus’ birth was tough.


  • Most of us like to plan out our Christmas Day,  but the first Christmas was not what anybody expected.
  • It was full of unforeseen circumstances, but they trusted God throughout.
  • Let’s embrace the change, embrace the unknown.

Strange and odd

  • If you stop and think about it the Christmas story is odd, a virgin birth, pagan kings, a baby born in a stable, an evil king killing babies.
  • God often does things in strange ways and this odd, strange King invites us to join with him to change the world this Christmas time.


  • The Christmas story is full of supernatural events, an angel appears to Zechariah, Elizabeth meets with Mary and her baby leaps because it’s full of the Holy Spirit, Joseph has an angel appear to him twice, a virgin birth, shepherds visited by angels etc.
  • We’re heading into this new season of uncertainty and it’s not about getting back to what was in 2019, instead we want to go back to the supernatural and God working through ordinary people like us.