Set Free Live Free – Free in Christ (p3)

1. Know Who You Are in Christ (v1-6)

  • Gentile Christians NOT need to be circumcised
  • Titus – case study for all to see
  • DANGER – As Christians we are ‘set free’ BUT then return to slavery….
  • Jesus set you free!! Live in that FREEDOM

2. Unique CALLING (7-10)

  • ONE Gospel that never changes 
  • DIFFERENT callings for each of us
  • God will use ‘Who You Are’ – your uniqueness
  • Be free in who you are!
  • Live your calling, gifts, talents….

3. All ONE in Christ (11-14)


  • Paul goes head to head with Peter
  • Why? Peter’s actions NOT match his words
  • ALL ONE IN CHRIST – Gospel Truth!
  • Gal 3v28 & Rms 15v7
  • In increasingly divided society…..vital message