Hidden Figures (p2) – Simon of Cyrene

Luke 23:26

5 things we can learn from Simon of Cyrene

  1. God uses people of every tribe tongue and colour
  • Cyrene is modern day Libya and most scholars believe that Simon was black.
  • As Christians it’s important that we share that Jesus is for all people. In Christ Jesus we are all equal.
  1. Picture of discipleship
  • carries the cross behind Jesus, this action is a visual picture of this verse and of discipleship, Luke 9:23.
  • Carrying the cross wasn’t easy for Simon and following Jesus isn’t easy, but it means that we’re never alone and that Jesus will always be with you.
  • Jesus came not to improve your life but came to be your life.
  1. We don’t choose suffering
  • Simon didn’t expect to carry the cross and many of us have unexpected encounters with suffering.

Hebrews 3:15-16, Jesus understands and Jesus is with us in our struggles.

  1. The impact of our lives
  • Simon’s son Rufus (mentioned in Mark’s gospel) was a key person in the early church in Rome and Simon’s greatest impact was on his children.
  • Our lives influences others, especially those near us. We can be intentional about how we sow into the lives of those around us.
  • The biggest legacy that we leave will be our impact on others lives.
  1. God is at work in the detail
  • In Gethsemane Jesus sweated blood because he was so anxious and God sent an angel to help him. On the way to the cross Jesus had a human help him.
  • God’s plan was that Jesus would die on the cross and Simon was part of the detail to make that happen.
  • God uses individuals like us to bring about his works and purposes.