Forgotten God – The Powerful Holy Spirit (Part 2)

The Holy Spirit is a person who lives inside of us!

JOHN 16:7 – Jesus says that it is to our advantage that he goes so that the Holy Spirit can come.

1. Can you tell the difference?

– 1 CORINTHIANS 6:19-20

– There should be a difference between us with the Holy Spirit in us and those people who don’t have the Holy Spirit in them.

– Sometimes as Christians we aren’t always that different from those around us.

– In the Old Testament, the Holy Spirit came on individuals for specific events.

– E.g. JUDGES 14:6 – Samson (strength)

– E.g. EXODUS 31:2-3 – Bezalel (craftsmanship)

– Jesus shows us how to live a spirit-filled life – he models the difference that the Holy Spirit can make in our lives!

– In the New Testament, the prophesy of JOEL 2:28 is fulfilled at Pentecost when the Holy Spirit comes on ALL people.

– In ACTS 4:13 the crowds were astonished by the boldness of the disciples, people could see the different the Holy Spirit was making in them.

– Would people know you have the Holy Spirit dwelling inside of you?

– We often have good knowledge about the Holy Spirit but not much experience.

– Life of a caterpillar – it crawls along on a leaf all its life, one day it takes a long nap and wakes up and is transformed and it can fly!

– We should experience the same astonishment that we are a new creation and the Holy Spirit empowers us to live differently – we can fly!

– When we are out in the world that is where change comes, where people can see a difference in us.

2. What barriers are there when it comes to the Holy Spirit?

– LUKE 11:13 – Jesus gives good gifts (the Holy Spirit). Do we believe he will give us more if we ask?

– 3 things that can get in the way –

1. Appearances – that we give to the world. We can care about the way that we come across to others.

2. Comfort – We can life our comfortable lives without any need. The Holy Spirit comes through when you need him. We are called to live a life of risks, out of our comfort zone.

Do you life a life, put yourself in situations where you need God to come through?

3. Distractions/noise – Our lives can be so full and overcome with busyness. We can be afraid of time alone with God.

Practical ways to invite Holy Spirit into everyday life…

– Pray ‘Maranatha’ (means come Holy Spirit)

– Whenever physically drinking ask for God to come and refresh you spiritually.

– Put yourself in situations where you need God.

– GALATIANS 3:13-14 – the cross and the gospel give us a place in heaven, sets us free from Satan and gives us the Holy Spirit in our everyday life. The cross is linked to the Holy Spirit!

3.How do you know God’s leading/will in your life?

– What is your response to God’s leading TODAY. Not worrying about tomorrow or next year.


– When he leads, we are to follow, he will reveal his plans as you go!

– Daily surrendering and keeping in step with the Holy Spirit.

– If I am following my fleshly desires and the world, I am NOT following the Spirit. When I am following the Holy Spirit I won’t be sinning. It is impossible to do both.

– If you are daily choosing to follow the Holy Spirit you will fulfil God’s call on your life.

– Is living in the Spirit all God or all me? It is both, God’s power in you and our response to his guiding.


– Together, with the Holy Spirit, we follow the plans and purposes of God!


– Do people see the difference it makes having the Holy Spirit in our lives?

– What are the obstacles you’re facing? Ask for the Holy Spirit in these areas.

– Are you daily keeping in step with the Holy Spirit?