Fighting for Your Destiny – Part 9

This week Mark Waterfield concluded our series in Joshua

Destiny is a choice

Joshua publicly declares “as for me and my house we will serve the Lord”

In Hebrew the word serve is Avad, which means work, serve and worship.
Joshua is delaying all of his service, all of his work and all of his worship will serve God, thus everything he does is for God

The ultimate choice.

Joshua asks the Israelite to choose who they will serve, will it be the Lord or will it be another God?

Everyone will need to answer this question.

Who do you serve?


Consistant choices

This wasn’t a one off choice, Joshua continually made choices throughout his life. He made a habit of choosing to serve God daily.

We will all have ups and downs, during all of it make the choice to serve the Lord.


Small & Big Choices

The choices we make to shape our destiny


Our Choices impact others

Our choices impact our family, they have a Big impact on children

Remember Grace and be thankful for all that God has give to you.


Live as an example of worshipping God

When people see you worshiping/praying/loving God it will rub off on other people.

Serve God daily

Live for God every day and in every part of your life.

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