Do You Take God Seriously?

Do you take God seriously?
When we think of God we often first think of his love, goodness, patience, kindness etc.
But God is also a God of ‘no more’ and is a God of divine justice
Gen 6, Gen 11, Daniel 5
God’s justice demands satisfaction. If sin is never punished then God is never just, God is loving and merciful but also full of justice.
Genesis 19:15-22
In these verses Lot lingers and hesitates, why doesn’t he take God seriously? We often do the same, we don’t often take God seriously. We prefer to think of the nice, cuddly, kind God not the God who hates sin, this feels too difficult and challenging.
The New Testament tells us that next time God says ‘no more’ Jesus will come like a thief in the night. This should make us stand up and take God seriously.
Are your priorities right?
– Even though Lot and his family’s lives were in danger he didn’t want to leave. He clinged to the things of this earth. Jesus tells us not to hold tightly onto the things of this earth.
– Luke 11:16-20
– Where are we investing our time, talents and treasures.? If we take God seriously it’ll affect our priorities.
Genesis 19:23-29
Do you realise that this world is temporary?
– Sodom was completely destroyed, all that Lot and his family had were gone.
– Why did Lot’s wife turn into salt, the angels told Lot to look forward, but she looked back because her heart was invested in everything temporary.
– Luke 17:28-33
– Jesus refers back to Lot’s wife and reminds them that this world is temporary.
How do we get to be like Lot?
– It’s lots of small steps and choices, making compromises and tolerating sin.
– Anyone in scripture who fails, it’s not one big leap, it’s a multitude of small choices, compromises and little things that affect your life.
We can look at Lot and be so judgemental, but let’s look at Lot and be challenged and see where we’re compromising and what we’re tolerating.
In comparison to Lot is Abraham, in a tent on the mountain. Abraham isn’t perfect but he is a man of faith and went where God wanted him to go, he didn’t set his roots down and get sucked into earthly things.
Jesus is a friend of sinners:
We are to take God seriously but God is a God who loves sinners. We’ve all sinned and fallen short and it is only faith in Jesus Christ that saves us.
Romans 5:6-8
Isaiah 55:6-7
Do you take God seriously?