That You May Know – Do you really believe in Jesus? – (p7)

Letter of 1 John was written by the disciple John who had seen, heard and touched Jesus during his earthly life. Letter written to Christians who had started to get the wrong ideas about the faith provides clarity to the Church and gives believers assurance.

John wrote to take away readers’ anxieties, so they have clarity and come to realise what it means to be a Christian. The key themes in the letter are God is Light & God is Love. And the 3 ‘tests’ of authentic Christianity that run through the letter are

– Obedience to Jesus & how we live our lives

– Loving others

– Truth in believing the gospel of Jesus Christ

John rarely sustains a clear line of argument in 1 John and wanders around in his writings. Still, the pattern and overview of his letter are clear – this is about the assurance for believers and ‘tests’ for the authenticity of the Christian faith. Both of these are needed today in 2022.

There is no judgement or harshness in the letter John is writing like a Father to his children with tender care e.g ‘little children let no one deceive you…’

1 John 5

– Faith trusts Jesus Christ

– v5 – victory comes to the one who believes in Jesus Christ

– What we believe is essential for eternal life and life right now!

– Matters who Jesus is and what we believe

– Christ’s salvation – Spirit/Water/Blood all testify

– Power of testimony – testimony about the Son Jesus

– Eternal life is found in Jesus Christ and is life with Jesus Christ


– v12 – Life & Jesus goes together (inseparable)

– v13-21 – Knowledge of eternal life

– Assurance & certainty that Jesus is the way to eternal life

– v13 Confidence of eternal life

– v14 Confidence in prayer – for anything ‘according to His will


– Prayer for wrongdoers

– 3 statements in succession to finish

– Born of God – Not habitually sin

– Children of God – more powerful than the world

– Son of God has come to give us understanding

– ‘Children’ – keep yourselves from other gods & ways of living