Christmas Unwrapped – Part 3

This week Sam Nair concluded our Christmas series, Christmas Unwrapped

Communication is key in our lives, the more important the message we want to communicate the more elaborate the effort.

2000 years ago heaven communicated with Earth in the most spectacular way possible.

There are 3 presents heaven gave to us in the Christmas story.

It is a time for a new hope

Everyone goes through different seasons.

Israel went through a tough time, the Romans had taken over, people were spiritually confused they didn’t know where to for God.
This is the time that Jesus Christ is born.

You have a reason for hope for God has come down to Earth to dwell among us.
The saviour has come to give us a new hope. 

It is time for a new beginning

Jesus is the Messiah.
Messiah means the anointed one, the redeemer.

Jesus gives us a new beginning


Is it time for new possibilities

There are many miracles in the Christmas story. God did those 2000 years ago and he is still doing miracles today.

Why settle for earthly presents when heavens presents will blow your mind.

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