Choose Jesus (Part 1)

This week, Mark Waterfield preached the first sermon in our new five-part series looking at Jesus in the gospels. This week’s sermon from Mark 5:25-34 looks at a woman who reaches out to touch Jesus and receives healing for her long-outstanding condition.

We face several challenges to choosing Jesus

  1. Our past and our disappointments. We have a choice to make either let our past defines us or choose to follow Jesus.
  2. Barriers of life – Our barriers are often self-made or put up by other people. These barriers are not from the Lord; in choosing Jesus, we are overcomers.

What does it look like to choose Jesus?

  1. Action – ‘Power of one touch’ In Mark 5:28, the woman touched the hem of Jesus’ garment. When she touches the hem of Jesus’ shawl, she is made whole. What action/step of faith do you need to take today?
  2. Desperation The woman suffered for twelve years. She HAD to get to Jesus. Our problem is that we are not desperate enough for Jesus. Is there desperation bubbling up in our hearts for Jesus. Choose Jesus today for salvation and for healing/transformation.

What happens when we choose Jesus – Mark 5:34

  1. Healing/Salvation.
  2. Peace with God and knowing the peace of God.
  3. Freedom – free to enjoy the benefits of being a Christian.