A Man After God’s Own Heart – God’s Power (p3)

  1. How will you live?​

  • ​Saul & David show us 2 different ways to live….​
  • Saul – ‘controlled by evil spirit’​
  • David – ‘life full of the Spirit’​
  • Shadow of New Testament – Galatians 5 ​
  • We have a choice
  1. How will you react when trials & persecution come?

  • We will all go through times of suffering & trials
  • We will be in a storm, just come out of a storm or about to go in a storm….
  1. Will you play your part?

  • Jonathan – Spoke up for David
  • Michal – Helped David escape & covered for him
  • Samuel – Sheltered David from Saul’s troops
  • We have ALL got a part to play….
  1. Do you believe in the power of God​ to change any person/situation?

  • Saul could not kill David due to the power of God
  • Don’t underestimate the power of God
  • Nothing or no one is impossible