A Man After God’s Own Heart – Draw Back to God (p4)

David slips in his relationship with God​

1 Samuel 21 + 22

  • When our relationship with God slips, holiness always decreases.
  • He was more concerned with the outward presentation, neglecting the inward truth.
  • “How much more today will their vessels be holy?”
  • Holiness is to be set apart’.
  • Holiness is about the inward, not merely the outward.
  • Are we set apart from the world we live in?
  • Peter 1:15, “As he who called you is holy, you also be holy in all your conduct.”


  • Have we substituted holy living towards God for other things?
  • When we substitute a relationship with God through holy living, our hearts harden towards him.
  • Don’t substitute God for anything. He is enough!
  • David rediscovers relationship with God… Will you?
  • Today let us repent of our mistrust of God
  • Let us repent of self-sufficiency
  • The Holy Spirit wants to empower us to live holy lives
  • There is no substitute for the Holy Spirit