5 Questions for each one of us in 2020

5 questions to ask each of us in 2020


  1. How are you spending your time?
    • When people look back and ask us what we did during lockdown, do we want to just list Netflix shows?
    • Let’s look in the mirror and ask yourself how am I spending my time?


  1. What is the answer to the brokenness in our world today?
    • Acts 19:30
    • What belief do you have in the gospel? As it’s the only hope for this world, to bring healing, unity and salvation to the world we live in.
    • The answer is the gospel, it’s Jesus.


  1. Where’s my focus?
    • Focus is so important in our lives and in today’s world there’s a tendency to know everything about that which we can do nothing about and almost nothing about that which we can do everything about.
    • So often we give our attention to that which we have no power or influence over, but we’re to pay attention to those near us and that’s how we change the world around us. Focus on our neighbours, work colleagues and friends and family.
    • All of us have unlimited opportunities to shape the world around us, let your focus be on those around us. What kind act can you do today to someone around you?


  1. What about when everything doesn’t make sense?
    • During the pandemic we’ve all had questions like ‘did God cause this?’, ‘why have so many people died?’ etc.
    • This time challenges us to live with uncertainty and questions and that’s a good thing. Life is full of uncertainty and so is Christianity, on the cross even Jesus asked why have you forsaken me?
    • John 16:33
    • There won’t always be an easy answer to the events in our world and that’s okay.
    • In the times of unanswered prayer and questions, it’s then that God is deepening our relationship with him and our trust in him. He’s there, he’s not abandoned us, he wants us to grow.


  1. Are we going to live by fear or faith?
    • This is a choice we have to make, faith is not the absence of fear but pushing on even when we’re fearful.
    • In this time, will we keep giving what we can, loving those around us, believing all things are possible or will we live in fear? What steps of faith are we going to take in the coming months?


This is a time for each of us to stop and ask ourselves these questions.