Student & 20s

Community groups

We have community groups dedicated to students & 20s. Meeting in homes creates a great space to get to know each other better in a smaller context, take a look at a Bible passage, pray and share life together. Community groups meet in various locations in east London during the second and fourth weeks of every month.

‘Edify’ Student and 20s event

This monthly event is an opportunity for the whole students and 20s to get together, eat food and grow in faith. The evenings will vary in format but are designed for maximum growth and enjoyment. Come expecting to be challenged and changed.

New Student? In your 20s and just moved to east London?

If you are a student or in your 20s and new to east London and want to connect with Hope Church email

Already connected or just curious about what’s going on?

You can keep most up to date with all things happening for Students and 20s at Hope Church via the Hope Church Facebook page.