The Resurrection

This week Mark Waterfield spoke about the resurrection.

The resurrection is vital to being a Christian, for if the resurrection is false then our faith is futile.

There is evidence for the resurrection.

  1. Gospels & New Testament letters – this is the most accurate document that we have today. There is only a 60 year gap between the written manuscripts and the events.
  2. Empty Tomb, the body was not there and the body was not produced to disprove the resurrection
  3. The Church, The Church started with the resurrection, Peter preached the resurrection at pentecost.
  4. Personal encounters, Jesus has appeared to many different people throughout history

There are arguments that people use against the resurrection.

  1. Disciples made it up, the disciples died for their belief, would they have done this is they made it up?
  2. Disciples moved the body, why would they die if they knew where the body is?
  3. Disciples were hallucinating, all of the people who saw Jesus means it was too many for it to be hallucination. If it were hallucinations someone could produce the body 
  4. Jesus never actually died, the Romans were good at killing people they knew who it was that they put on the cross and they made sure he was dead.

No other religion claims the resurrection.

The resurrection gives us:

New Perspective 

We gain Gods perspective

New address

As christians we are now citizens of heaven.

New way to live

We can be wrapped up is our sin and shame, the resurrection gives us freedom.

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