March / April 2016 Update

The tomb is empty! Christ is risen! Darkness has been overcome and the devil is defeated!

Easter is early this year and fast approaching! This Easter let us all be confident in the unique and life transforming message of the Resurrection! As Christians we can so often shrink back and think that we have nothing to offer the world or feel threatened by other worldviews or religions – But we have a message of Hope & Life beyond the grave for all mankind!

On Sunday 27th March – Easter Sunday let me encourage you to take a risk and invite someone along to Church to hear the life transforming message of an empty cross and an empty tomb! Easter is a great opportunity to invite friends, family, work colleagues to Church – do pray & ask!

In March we are going to take a couple of weeks looking at Generosity – what the bible says about money. Jesus spoke often about money and in the materialistic culture that we live in it is so important that we understand what the Bible teaches us. God loves a cheerful giver and the spirit of generosity reflects the heart of God.

At the beginning of 2016 the Hope Church leadership team met to pray and hear God for the year ahead. There were 4 key words that came through very clearly for 2016 – Celebrate what God has done. Have Confidence in God’s power and the gospel. Continue to grow in Community and love for one another. Be full of Faith for God to do immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine!

It was great to hear Andy share the story of Hope School and the many lives that have been touched and transformed by the kingdom of God coming through Hope School over the past 4 years.  Do pray for Andy and the future direction and establishment of Hope School as the school takes a break for a couple of months.

God continues to draw many visitors along to Hope Church each Sunday. Together let us all be on the look out for ways to bless people and welcome people who are new to the Church. Hope Church has always been known as a welcoming Church and we want this to always be the case as we continue to grow.

I thank God for each of you – the way you serve and bring so much to the Church.

You are all wonderful gifts from God.

Love and prayers,