How Do We Fast?

As well as food, you might want to include television (or a specific programme), computer games, newspapers, sport, emails, text messages or social media as part of your fast.

You can miss a meal, or fast 24 hours. e.g. 4pm one day – 4pm the next, or go a few days.

Never get into condemnation if you have to break off from fasting before you had planned to.

Remember to drink plenty of water or fruit juice while you fast. You may feel colder as you fast so remember to keep warm.

Whatever you do, it is better to be realistic and try to keep to it, rather than being unrealistic and end up being discouraged.

Spend the time you have freed up, praying for the church, the nation, those who are not yet believers – or other issues that God prompts you to.

Start your prayer time in worship and praise to help you focus on God. Use The Lord’s Prayer as a framework and you may find speaking in tongues helpful as you pray. If you are able to, meet up with someone else to pray together.

As you talk to God, leave space so He can talk to you. Expect God to speak. This may be through the Scripture, that still small voice, or even dreams & visions.